Dear Theatre Lover,
The Property Committee (which is the Church of the building we rent upstairs rehearsal space) has been recently reviewing the costs associated with running the building and one of the things that stand out is the huge electricity costs of running the new air-conditioning.
The 3 x 9kw units in the main area cost around $11 per hour to run.
 A flat fee increases of $5 per hour on top of the current theatre usage fee for the times that they are turned on including setup, rehearsals, and performances.

We can of course, choose not to use the air conditioning to keep our costs down but it will depend upon the weather. We ultimately want our patrons to feel comfortable.
I would ask all future directors, that you keep a log of the usage and give it to Peter at end of production performances.
 The Church also realised that they had not been passing on Ruby’s portion of the electricity usage for the upstairs area.
They have had smart meters installed which allow them to record and pass on the actual energy costs for the upstairs area.

To counteract this, we are left with no alternative but to raise both the patron tickets and membership fees to $5. This will be the first time in 10 years Ruby has been running, we have had to do this. Hopefully, it will not be for another 10 years at least till we have to do it again.
This next 12 months will be a struggle to get our audiences back. Please help us and encourage those who show interest in seeing stage productions.
Warm regards,
Anthony Brown
Ruby Productions