Wednesday, 11th January to Friday 13th January : 6.30pm-10pm




Set in 1971 in a Melbourne Mental Institution, Cosi is the story of Lewis, a young idealistic director brought in to put on a show for mental patients.

Set against the background of the Vietnam War, Lewis comes to understand his actors and himself. Funny and confronting at times, Cosi remains one of Australia’s best comedic plays.



Lewis: early 20s – young, at times naïve but has a good heart

Roy: 40s-50s – mental patient who has been in the system most of his life -  very enthusiastic but has moments of doubt and weakness

Henry: 40s-60s – former lawyer who has spent a lot of time in institutions.  Very shy, introverted, does what Roy says

Doug: 20s-30s – Pyromaniac – hasn’t been institutionalised long, very open with his thoughts – not afraid to say what’s on his mind

Cherry: 25-45 – very loud and outspoken, can be dangerous, has a crush on Lewis

Julie: early 20s – first time in an institution for drug use.  Idealistic like Lewis

Ruth: 30s-50s – been in and out of institutions, introverted but has obsessive compulsive behaviour

Zac: 25-40 – musician who has been in and out of institutions – very drug happy, often found in a drug induced haze.

Lucy: early 20s – Lewis’ girlfriend (this role also includes backstage duties)

Nick: early 20s – friends with Lewis – has strong thoughts about the war (this role also includes backstage duties)

Justin: 30s-40s – social worker the mental institution – very neat and precise in manners and presence (this role also includes backstage duties)



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Due to the content of this show, no one under 18 will be permitted to audition.