Snow White
Directed by Craig O'Regan
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A beautiful adaptation of a movie classic, using a light touch to illuminate the deepest and most important expressions of compassion and human decency. Dan Gordon’s brilliant rewriting of 1983’s blockbuster film takes the theatre audience through 23 years of mother-daughter conflict and angst. There is not a wasted word.

Will she find love?


6th, 13th, 27th April 2019 at 11am and 2pm

and will be staged at John Lees Centre,15 Evan Street, Penrith.


Friday, 23rd November and Saturday, 1st December

(limited audition space available, so be quick at acquiring a time slot)


6 - 7 Adult Males 3 - 4 Adult Females  
8 - 10 Juniors Male/Female

Wicked Queen - - - Glenn Levett
Snow White - - - Female aged 18-20 (will need to be able to sing)
Miss Heard - - - Esther Erhardt
Prince Charming - - - Male aged 18 to 21 (will need to sing but no experience required)
Yin - - - Two Males 18 to 30 (they open the show singing “Happy Talk")
Yang - - - Must be able to perform with “Chinese accent"
The Woodsman - - - Male 18 to 30 years A little bit camp. He is a Goodie!

Gremlin  - - - Male 30 to 50 years (Based on riff-raff from Rocky Horror. He is the Queens side kick.

He sings “Time Warp" He is a Baddie!)
Nut Bush - - - Male/Female 18-25 (May be able to double up for another role.)
Brown Owl - - - Female 25 - 40
King - - - Male 25 to 40
Dwarves:  These are roles for junior members male/female 12 to 18 years
Geepee - - - the dwarves will be used to double up in other roles as forest
Snappy - - - animal/trees/villagers etc. Singing required.
Mirror - - - Doug  Baker
Prince Suavo - - - Double role  Male
Prince Olgit - - - Double up role male
Hansel - - - Double up role male
Gretel - - - Double up role male / female
Three Wise Men - - - Double up role’s male / female
Barman/Donald Trump - - Double up role Male / Female

Towns people, Animals, Trees Double up roles Male Female Junior or Senior cast members

Junior Cast coordinator.  A young person male or female to assist in coordinating the
junior cast members. This person will need some experience
in music and choreography.

Lighting Technician. A person to assist with lighting and sound. Lighting will be rather
quirky with highly theatrical displays. Multiple sound effects and musical numbers will be used throughout the production.

Stage Crew. At least one / two persons to assist with stage management

There will be 3 iconic commercials for pre-entertainment. These will run for approximately 2-3 mins each.

Both Adult and Junior cast will be used to fill these roles.

To book your audition or to request information,

please email Craig at: