Stepping Out
Written by Richard Harris
Directed by Jessica Hanlon
Assisted by Anthony Brown
This comedy play concerns eight individuals from disparate backgrounds and with differing motivations who attend the same weekly tap dancing class in a dingy church hall. Despite the students at first treating the classes as social occasions, and showing little co-ordination, they later develop a level of skill and cohesiveness. The dance routines are the background for the focus of the play, the relationship and interaction of different people.
Character list:
Mavis – 25-40
Teacher, ex-pro dancer, attractive, considerate, organised and always in charge of the group. Required: proficient tap-dancer.

Lynne -18-27
Eager to please, understatedly pretty, never wears make-up, about 20 - 25, a student nurse.

Dorothy – 20-40
Small, anxious, birdlike, between 25 - 45, habit of repeating other people’s last words.… people’s last words.

Maxine – 27-40
Confident, attractive, Jewish business woman, big diamond rings, 30 - 40.

Andy – 20-40
(Woman), thin, 25 - 40, timid, bullied by her husband.

Geoffrey – 25-40
Shy, quiet, honest, a bit bumbling, widower, has a crush on Andy, 30 - 50.
Desirable: able to play the piano

Sylvia – 20-40
Short, bubbly, flirty, over-ample curves! Chews gum all the time, 25 - 40.

Rose – 25-40
Black, larger than life, Trinidadian/Asian, wearing obvious wig,
crucifix around her neck and lots of finger rings, 30 - 50.

Vera – 30-45
Neat, proper, snob, well-meaning, expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right),
immaculate hair & make-up, aspiring middle-class, 35 - 50.

Mrs. Fraser – 45+
Pianist, 50+, coat & hat, reads magazines, intolerant, sarcastic, grumpy,
believes she is doing everyone a favour just by being there.
Desirable: able to play the piano.

Audition details:
This play is very story and character-driven,
therefore we are looking for those who can embody the character of a role, define their own interpretation and
bring such a character to life.
We ask that preparation involves making some decisions about the character and how it could be performed, but also being open to change / direction.

For anyone with little or no tap/movement experience,
we are simply looking for a willingness to learn.
The audition will involve a movement audition;
this will be to gauge how tap/dancing is approached/enjoyed
rather than how well it is performed.

*Ages are ‘playing ages’.
Audition date/venue:
March 15th & 16th from 6pm
Emu Sports Club
1 Leonay Parade, Leonay
(by appointment only)

Performance dates:
July 1st, 8th & 15th
Staged at John Lees Centre,15 Evan Street, Penrith.
For more information or to book an audition time, please email
Jessica Hanlon at: