The Heiress
Produced by Dramatists Play Services Inc.
Adapted by Ruth and Augustus Goetz
Directed by Anthony Brown
Set in New York City in the 1850s, The Heiress is an adaptation of Henry James’ novel, Washington Square. The play is the story of a shy and plain woman, Catherine Sloper, who has been raised by a cold, difficult physician father who finds her lacking in every way. When a young man, Morris Townsend, finds his way into Catherine’s heart, her successful father is sure he is a fortune hunter. Catherine’s search for herself and her place in society as well as her relationship with both of these men is at the heart of The Heiress.
Character List:
Catherine Sloper: (28-40) a gawky, socially inadequate woman of intelligence and warmth but huge insecurity. Lead role.

Morris Townsend: (30-40) a penniless, charming and romantic gentleman, who has lived abroad and whose motives are in question throughout the play. Lead role.

Dr. Austin Sloper: (60-70) Catherine’s father, a successful but emotionally cold doctor who has never truly embraced his daughter for who she is.  He lives with the memory of her beautiful dead mother as a comparison. Large role.

Lavinia Penniman: (50-70) Austin’s sister and Catherine’s aunt Lavinia is a foolish, but sweet woman torn between her devotion to her brother and her romantic idealism. Large role.

Maria: (20-50) the Sloper housekeeper. On stage regularly throughout the play.

Mrs. Montgomery: (30-50) Morris’ sister, a poor widow with children, who defends her brother and his intentions to Dr. Sloper. Featured sized role.

Marian Almond: (20-30) Catherine’s cousin, pretty and vivacious. Featured sized role.

Elizabeth Almond: (50-60) Marian’s mother and Dr. Sloper’s sister, a handsome wealthy woman of New York society. Featured sized role.

Arthur Townsend: (20-30) Marian’s fiancée and Morris’ cousin; a young man of wealth and status. Featured sized role.

Audition Information
An audition piece will be given to every auditionee. It is expected that the auditionee will learn the lines of the audition piece and present it on an agreed date with the director.
We are looking for high standard of performance for each of the roles.

A rehearsal schedule is prepared and will be given on first response to any enquiries made by an auditionee.
It is a good idea to come to auditions in character, dress/shoes/hair,
anything that you feel is appropriate for the role you are seeking.

Audition Requirements:
Applicants should note that reading the play prior to their audition would be highly advantageous.
Also, it would be ideal if you have read the novel "Washington Square" by Henry James,
on which the play is based.

Audition Date:
Saturday, January 13th at John Lees Centre
15 Evan Street, Penrith
(by appointment only).

An audition piece will be sent out by Anthony once an audition time slot has been sorted.

Performance Dates:
May 5th, 12th & 19th
Two shows every Saturday at 2pm and 8pm.
Staged at John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith.

For further information or to book an audition time slot,
please email Anthony at: