With permission from Origin
Written by Tom Topor 
Directed by Anthony Brown
4th & 11th February 2023 at 7pm
18th February 2023 at 2pm & 7pm

In New York city, after being charged with killing a client, call girl Claudia Draper is awaiting trial. Claudia’s parents are attempting to have her declared as insane so she can avoid a likely guilty verdict and serve time for manslaughter, Claudia rejects the approach as she does not want to be placed into a mental institution. Lawyer Aaron Levinsky reluctantly takes on Claudia’s case and assists to help her prove that she’s not crazy, Although Claudia does not make this task easy for him.  

Auditions (by appointment only)
Sunday, 16th October 
at Ruby’s rehearsal space
(Level 1, 15 Evan St, Penrith)

An audition piece will be given to every auditionee.
It is expected that the auditionee will learn the lines of the audition piece and present it on 16th October.
Auditions will be by appointment only.

A rehearsal schedule is prepared and will be given on first response
to any enquiries made by an auditionee.

It is clever idea to come to auditions in character, dress/shoes/hair,
anything that you feel is appropriate for the role you are seeking.

Applicants should note that reading the play prior to their audition would be
highly advantageous
Please note: Those who are successful in getting a part must be or become a member of Ruby Productions at an annual cost of $40.
For further information or to book your audition,
email Hayley Ramsay at:

CLAUDIA DRAPER - (female aged 25-40s)  
A very smart and resourceful woman who is deeply troubled due to circumstances that had affected her in her past. Being charged with manslaughter, Claudia has been placed in a mental hospital to await her trial, but her parents and doctors have deemed her unfit to take the trial. She then goes to a hearing to defend herself and plead that she is sane and can defend herself at court. Claudia’s case is then placed in the hands of lawyer Aaron Levinsky.
She also is very untrustworthy due to this and believes that almost everyone in the courtroom is there to lock her up inside the mental hospital. Claudia is of very hypersexual nature, and this makes the court room members believe she is nuts although this is all for show and the mask she is portraying gets let down and she begins to become more vulnerable emotionally as more traumatic evidence is revealed about her childhood and why she acts the way she does. 
AARON LEVINSKY - (male aged 25-40s) 
Aaron Levinsky is the very reluctant lawyer who is placed onto Claudia’s case. He is a very confident and smart man who is trying to do the best and fairest thing by Claudia. He is very knowledgeable about his work and is the first to be able to tell that there was more to what was being said and manages to reveal the truth. He is also the only person in the courtroom who is not afraid to give Claudia a piece of his mind. 

FRANKLIN MACMILLAN - (male aged 30s and above)
Franklin Macmillan is the lawyer who is there to testify to keep Claudia in the mental hospital and to keep her from standing trial on her own behalf.  He is a very confident man who believes that the has the upper hand but begins to get less confident as more is revealed. 

DR ROSENTHAL (Can be male or female aged 30 and above)
Dr Rosenthal is a doctor at the mental hospital who has been observing Claudia and has decided to testify against her to keep her in the hospital. Rosenthal is a character who at the beginning of the testimony is very confident but does become more unsure and it begins to show that Rosenthal is not too competent at their job.
ARTHUR KIRK (male aged 40s and above)
Mr Arthur Kirk is the husband of Rose Kirk and Stepfather of Claudia Draper, he is very overpowering towards his family and is telling his wife rose that he is doing what he believes is right for Claudia. Although it is discovered that he is the main reason that Claudia is the way she is and that he had negatively impacted his stepdaughter's life. 
ROSE KIRK (female aged 40s and above)
Mrs Rose Kirk the mother of Claudia Draper and wife of Arthur Kirk. Rose is a very obedient wife. She is very unaware about the impacts that Claudia’s childhood has had on her to then put her in this position in life but wants the best for her daughter or what she believes is best for her.
JUDGE MURDOCH (Male or Female aged 30s-50s)_
Judge Merdoch is the judge who is overseeing the case for Claudia Draper. He is at the beginning very uninterested in the case until more begins to unfold about Claudia. He is a very large presence on stage although he is not a lead role he is on stage for much of the play as a lot of the dialogue is directed to this character.
OFFICER HARRY HAGGERTY (male aged 18- 30s)
Officer Harry Haggerty is a smaller role who has very few lines but is on stage for much of the show. His role is to guard Claudia closely, communicate with the Judge and swear in witnesses. He is largely uninterested in the case and is there to do his job, but he seems to be the only person Claudia can trust due to his lack of interest.
RECORDER (can be male or female aged 18-30s)
The recorder is a smaller character who sits beside the judge and records what is said throughout the trial. Although this character does not have many lines, they do have a lot of stage time as they are onstage for a large majority of the play.