Sorry, Wrong Number
Written by Lucille Fletcher
Directed by Anthony Brown


A mystery thriller: the tale of a neurotic invalid, whose only contact with the outside world is her phone. Over it, one night, because of a crossed wire, she hears plans for a murder, which turns out to be her own. Her frantic efforts to enlist help through the only means at her disposal, her growing terror, make this something not to be missed!


Mrs. Elbert Smythe Stevenson
For almost the entire play, Mrs. Stevenson is the only character in the sense that she speaks all the dialogue; at the very end, one other character speaks. All of her lines are spoken into the telephone or to herself. The audience gains insight into several other individuals with whom she converses or about whom she speaks.
Mrs. Stevenson’s first name is not provided. When she speaks on the phone, she gives her name as Mrs. Elbert Stevenson, sometimes including Smythe. Mrs. Stevenson is bedridden and bemoans that she cannot get out of her bed. She depends heavily on her bedside telephone. The medical condition that affects her is not named. Since she first became ill twelve years earlier, she has become, in her words, “an invalid” and “a sick woman.” However, in conversing with a hospital staffer, she indicates that she is “not under a doctor's care at the moment.” She tells them that the “nature of the case is nerves,” and at numerous other times, she describes herself as “very nervous.” At various points she mentions that the ringing phone is “driving me crazy” and she feels that she is about to “go mad.”
Mrs. Stevenson’s understanding of her condition leads her to believe that she is “entitled to a little consideration” and that she “need[s] soothing.” Within the course of the play, although her nervous conditions is likely exacerbated by her concerns over the murder plot, she is very short-tempered and demanding. She frequently uses words such as “idiotic” and “stupid” both to speak about and to speak to the professionals with whom she interacts.


The Operator(s) 5:
It is not clear if Mrs. Stevenson speaks to the same operator every time she calls or if she speaks to several different people. During one conversation, she refers to the operator as “young woman.” Although the occupation of telephone operator was commonly held by women, it cannot be ascertained that if there are multiple operators, all of them are women.


The Chief Operator: (New York, American Accent. Dead pan face, no expression)

The chief operator is a supervisor with whom Mrs. Stevenson speaks at the operator’s insistence after being dissatisfied with the service.

1st Operator: (Bronx, American Accent)


1st Man: (New York, American Accent)


2nd Man: (New York, American Accent)


2nd Operator: (Southern American Accent)


3rd Operator: (Other Accent. Impatient)


4th Operator: (Other Accent. Speaks like she’s just won lotto, never stops smiiing.)


5th Operator: (New York, American Accent. Calm. Business like)


Information: (New York, American Accent)


Hospital Receptionist: (New York, American Accent)


Western Union: (New York, American Accent)


Sergeant Duffy: (New York, American Accent)


A lunchroom counter Attendant: (New York, American Accent)


George: (New York, American Accent)


6th & 13th March at 7pm  

20th March at 2pm & 7pm

Staged at John Lees Centre,15 Evan Street, Penrith.


Saturday, 2nd November 2020

at John Lees Centre, Level 1, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
(by appointment only).


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present it on an agreed date with the director.
We are looking for high standard of performance for each of the roles.
A rehearsal schedule is prepared and will be given on first response to any enquiries made by an auditionee.
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