The Witches
Directed by Glenn Levett

We are off and running again, with another fun show: “The Witches”.



Wilma has cast spells over the whole kingdom, including her sister, Esmeralda. Wilma is trapped in her cave (because Prince Valiant has taken her cape), and she is trying to escape. Mother Goose and the Fairy Godmother have been able to lessen parts of the curse. All the townspeople want to celebrate and thank the Prince.


Wilma is a witch: impatient, evil, nasty, intolerant. Has a solo. Not gender or age specific.

Preferably with longer hair.
Females, aged 12 and over

Mother Goose/Fairy Godmother
Sweet, understanding, helpful. One of the few who has not been affected by Wilma's spell. Mother Goose looks after the nursery children. Fairy Godmother changes Synderola into a beauty.
Females, aged 18 and over

Wilma's sister. Wilma's spell has caused her to forget that her husband is the Duke. She starts nasty trying to help Wilma. Under a spell falls in love with the Prince. Solo singing.
Females, aged 18 and over

Skeletons (2)
Not gender specific. Have a song (duet). Minor role.
Anyone, aged 18 and over

Is actually the Duke's daughter. She is under the protection of the Fairy Godmother. Starts as an urchin who is not recognised (Wilma's spell). Prince Valiant falls in love with her. Small solo/duet.
Females, aged 18 and over

Nursery rhyme characters (6)
Mixed gender. Several chorus songs. All have lines.
Anyone, aged 10 and over

Townspeople (4)
Widow Mank - crotchety, impatient, superior
Bank Manager - business like
Teller - young ambitious (Small part)
Chorus work
Anyone, aged 10 and over

Esmeralda's workers - does her bidding.
Anyone, aged 10 to 15

Long comedy duo scene. Rob bank, steal from Mother Goose's children, discover Wilma is not dead. Chorus work.
Anyone, aged 18 and over

Prince Valiant
The "hero". Needs to be able to display shyness, be relaxed, Will need to be able to sing. Preferably longer hair.
Males, aged 14 to 25

One of Mother Goose's children. Not very bright, single minded. Has a solo.
Males, aged 10 and over

Pompous, proud, energetic, enthusiastic.
Males, aged 40 and over


Lots of characters


Audience participation

All have dialogue






You don’t have to be a great singer - keenness most important.

A commitment is required.

Generally, there will be two rehearsals per week.

No age or gender restrictions. All parts open (except two).


Saturdays 11th & 18th January 2020

and will be staged at John Lees Centre,15 Evan Street, Penrith.


John Lees Centre. 15 Evan Street, Penrith

Saturday, 17th August from 4.30pm

Sunday, 18th August from 3pm

Other times can be arranged from 19th to 23rd August in Kings Langley.

An audition piece will be supplied prior to audition.

The rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the first rehearsal.

Any enquiries, please contact the director,

Glenn Levett: