Performance dates:
Saturday, 6th, 13th February at 7pm
Saturday, 20th February at 2pm & 7pm
John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
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Written by Richard Brooks
Directed by Anthony Brown
A fun hysterical and fractured sections of short versions of well-known fairy tales. A laugh every second! With dancing, singing and lots of interaction with the audience. Watch Aladdin and his Genie present a complex of characters from Ali Baba, Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin and Little Red Riding Hood stories. A show for the whole family, all ages will be entertained from the writing of Richard Brooks.
Main Characters:
Aladdin --- Alex Rudd 
G.G. (Genie in bottle) --- Aiden McKenzie 
Opening Character:
Director --- Helen Crowe
Ali Baba Story:
Ali Bab --- Naweed Yaqubi
Ali Baba’s wife --- Isabella Trovato  
Robber Boss --- Aska Karem  
First Robber Boss --- Corina Thompson 
Morgiana – a Arabian dancer --- Glenn Levett 
Doris the Donkey --- Abbey Rye
Robbers --- Sam Crowe, Rutika Nagarkar, Anna Nowoukel, Blake Walters, Steve Lu, Sabrina Magill, Olivia Kostic & Holly Rudd  
Snow White Story:
Snow White --- Meg Brown 
Evil Queen Servant --- Blake Walters
7 Dwarfs: 
Happy --- Jessica Taliana 
Dopey --- Abbey Rye  
Doc --- Yaremo Montarde 
Bashful --- Summer Volpes  
Sneezy --- Aalliyah Antonia Khanal  
Sleepy --- Zaevar Orayenza
Grumpy --- Yareli Montarde
Evil Queen --- Ramsey Smith 
Prince Charming --- Steve Lu 
Mirror --- Ashish Khanal   
Wilfred the Woodsman --- Naweed Yaqubi
Little Red Riding Hood Story:
Little Red Riding Hood --- Millsya Theda Wongso 
Wolf --- Alex Rudd
Granny --- Corina Thompson 
4 naughty kids --- (Maryanne) Jessica Taliana, (Luke) Jackson Liu , (Ginger) Yareli Montarde and (Lucille) Abbey Rye 
Red Riding Hood’s Mother --- Anna Nowoukel 
Cinderella Story:
Cinderella --- Katelyn Crowe   
Stepmother --- Glenn Levett 
Fat Ugly Sister --- Sabrina Magill 
Thin Ugly Sister --- Olivia Kostic
Footman --- Summer Volpes 
2nd Footman --- Holly Rudd 
Fairy Godmother --- Aska Karem
Prince --- Jackson Liu 
Crowd --- Ashish Khanal, Millsya Theda Wongso, Meg Brown, Corina Thompson, Isabella Trovato, Blake Walters and Anna Nowoukel    

Aladdin’s Story:
Hooray Henry --- Steve Lu 
Princess Sandra --- Rutika Nagarkar 
The Sultan --- Ramsey Smith
Aladdin’s Mother --- Helen Crowe 
A Man selling a Cow --- Blake Walters   
Cow --- Abbey Rye  
A crook Magician --- Naweed Yaqubi 
Fan Holders --- Aalliyah Antonia Khanal, Yaremo Montarde & Zaevar Orayenza 
Director / Sound Design / Operator / Publicity --- Anthony Brown
Set Design / Costume Designer --- Anthony Brown      
Musical Director --- Anthony Brown & Sabrina Magill 
Stage Manager --- Rhi Demenezes
Props --- Rhi Demenezes and Chloe McDonald
Assistant Stage Manager --- Chloe McDonald      
Lighting Designer / Operator, Photographer, Flyer / Program Designer --- Jessica Hanlon
Make Up & Hair Design --- Kiera Hynes 
Choreography --- Glenn Levett 
Bookings & Front of House Coordinator --- Peter Merkouris 
Thank you: Helen Crowe, Rhi Demenezes, Glenn Levett, Peter Merkouris and Kiera Hynes
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