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Ruby Productions was named by Anthony Brown.
As a young boy growing up in Mt Druitt (Whalan), NSW in the 1970's and being young and incredibly shy, Anthony could not find the confidence to say out loud - 'I want to be an actor'.
One night his mother brought home a little old lady he'd never seen before and would never see again. She asked Anthony and his three sisters to stand in a line and one at a time, tell her what they wanted to be when they grew up. When it got to his turn, Anthony couldn't speak. He was so insecure to the point where he couldn't even utter a syllable. He couldn't even hold eye contact.
This lady took Anthony by the hand to his room, sat on his bed and talked to him in a way he'd never experienced before. She spoke to him in a way that made him feel she believed in him. She made him feel as though he could do ANYTHING.
After talking to him for a while, she asked him the same question - 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' He took a deep breath and replied, 'I want to be an actor'. She then filled him with such positive words, that encouraged him to move forward. He never forgot that little old lady.
When he was deciding to register a name for his theatre company, Anthony immediately thought of that little old lady. Her name was RUBY.
Ruby Productions is named after her because of what she gave Anthony - the confidence to follow his passion. She was someone who believed in him.
We are like a family at Ruby Productions.
We hope you can join us sometime.
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