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Performance dates:
10th, 17th & 24th September at 2pm & 7pm
To book, go to:
Written by Craig Sodaro
Directed by Jessica Thorpe
What would it be like if Alice was to return to Wonderland? Would it be the same? This fun, colourful and unconventional story follows Alice’s journey back into wonderland. Only it is no longer Wonderland, it is now Zombieland! Meet your favourite characters along the way as Alice tries to bring back wonderland by uncovering the hidden reason as to why everyone is turning into Zombies. A great family show, suitable for all ages. Let these well-known characters take you on a ride across Zombieland to the source where an unsuspecting surprise awaits them all.
Alice --- Nina Thompson
Dinah --- Lily Mikulandra
Mad Hatter --- Brendan Lambert
March Hare --- Brit Dell
White Rabbit --- Elliot Sullivan
Dormouse --- Arapo Yaacoubina
Queen of Hearts --- Laura McClement
Wicked Witch --- Amy Jones
Dorothy --- Amy Morrison
Duchess --- Sylvana De Filippis
Cook --- Toby Irving
Mock Turtle --- Zeke Irving
TweedleDee --- Katelyn Vella
TweedleDum --- Breanna Murphy
Cheshire Cat / Customer 1 --- Nevaeh Lonsdale
Guard / Customer 2 --- Madison Jacobs
Zombies --- Lillian Dunn, Daniel Mendoza, Paige Peters & Emily Dellow
Director --- Jessica Thorpe
Stage Manager --- Kate Michelle Von Riegen
Stage Assistant --- Jessica Thomas
Set Design --- James Betts
Costume Design --- Amelia Proksch
Lighting --- Pat Mount
Assistant Lighting --- Zachary Edmunds
Makeup and Hair --- Amy Delahunty
Makeup and Hair Assistant --- Melinda Allen
Sound Operator / Publicity --- Anthony Brown
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