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6th, 13th and 20th May
2pm and 8pm
To book, go to:
This show contains course language and sexual references.


Written by Louis Nowra


Directed by Linda Holland

Set in 1971 in a Melbourne Mental Institution, Cosi is the story of Lewis, a young idealistic man brought in to direct and put on a show with a cast of mental patients.

Lewis has to learn how to work with patients who have a wide range of mental health issues including pyromania, obsessive compulsive behaviours, drug use and general psychotic tendencies.

Set against the background of the Vietnam War, Lewis learns to look past stereotypes and comes understand his actors and some truths about himself.

Funny and confronting at times, Cosi remains one of Australia’s best comedic plays.

Lewis --- Jack Marsden
Roy --- Phillip Brember
Henry --- Anthony Brown
Cherry --- Marie Helou
Julie --- Melanie Ham
Doug --- Christopher Nehme
Ruth --- Trish Currie
Zac --- Luke Tuite
Nick --- Simon Walker
Justine --- Helen Crowe
Lucy --- Brit Dell
Director / Sound Design / Set Design --- Linda Holland
Lighting Design / Operation --- Zachary Edmunds
Costume Design --- Milunka Holland
Sound Operation --- Jessica Hanlon
Stage Manager --- Simon Walker
Backstage Crew --- Brit Dell & Helen Crowe
Filming / Film Editing --- Margareta Moir

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