Performance dates:
Saturday, March 3rd, 10th & 17th at 2pm & 7pm
Venue: John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
To book, go to:
Written & Directed by Nathan Large
Co-Directed by Justin Boerst
A comedy musical for kids the whole family will love!
This entertaining and hilarious comedy takes you into the fight between the rough Ruby Public School against the rich students of Diamond Private School at a state choir eisteddfod. A rich tapestry of theatrical choreography, top-selling pop songs sung live by the cast and of course many comical characters and amusing moments.

Written and Directed by RABTA Award Winner Nathan Large, whose credits include the 2017 smash hit show "Popcorn High - The Musical" and the side-splitting "Dragalicious" comedy shows, you can be guaranteed for an exciting and enjoyable evening.
The show is co-directed by Nepean Performing Arts High School student Justin Boerst and the show features many other wonderful and talented youth from the local and surrounding area.

Are you a Diamond ... Or a RUBY???
Miss Moore --- Kate Brown
Mrs. Crowley --- Alisha Rasmussen
Adjudicator/Judge --- Anthony Brown
Principal --- John Ward
Narrator --- Jack T. Brown

Ruby Primary Students
Deanne --- Paige Franklin-Browne
Lynne --- Keeley Rogers
Elvis --- Jake Rouland
Janelle --- Kalecia Wales
Rebecca --- Maddie Boerst
Melinda --- Claire Auddino
Adam --- Jayden Braund
Judy --- Alani Winn
Dayna --- Elizabeth Anderson

Diamond Primary Students
Jody --- Zoey Gyori
Melissa --- Isabella Trovato
Isabelle --- Zaebriel Orayenza
Amanda --- Isabelle Brown Rogers
Patricia --- Abby Bobbin
Joanne --- Matilda Findley
Robert --- Kirsten Graham
Zacarena --- Emili Milosevska

Director, Musical Director, Choreography, Set Design --- Nathan Large
Co-Director, Set Design --- Justin Boerst
Costume Design --- Keira Hynes
Hair & Make-up Design --- Isabelle Brown Rogers
Lighting Design and Operation --- Hayley Ramsay
Props & Sound Operator --- Robert Fritz
Stage Manager --- Kirstie Boerst
General Assistant --- Hayley Ramsay
Curtains Operator --- Alanna Carstairs
Filming --- Hayley Ramsay
Publicity --- Anthony Brown
Bookings / Front of House Coordinator --- Peter Merkouris


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