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Performance dates:
Friday, 17th June & Saturday, 24th June
Starting at 7pm
To book, go to:
Tickets $25 when you book online or $30 at the door.


Written & directed by Anthony Brown & Nathan Large

You can depend on both Wendy and Candy even on your worse days to bring a smile to your face. Wendy Wantsit ("if she wants it, she gets it") is Sydney's drag royalty and does a fabulous tag team with the irresistible Candy Cumpot to re-enact scenes from Baby Jane and Gone with the Wind to name just a couple. As if those films weren't gay enough already...
If you enjoy the hilarious wit of these sharp-tongued drag legends with a heart of gold, you can't go past Dragalicious Does Hollywood. With this drag-a-thon of sing-alongs and cutting one-liners that will keep you skyrocketing out of this world! To name just a few Hollywood stars we will celebrate: Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Shirley Temple and many more!
Come with a group of friends dressed in drag and be prepared to compete and win prizes.

Wendy Wantsit --- Anthony Brown
Candy Cumpot --- Nathan Large
Dolly Swallows --- Peter Merkouris
Anita Dick --- Joshua Paterson
Apple Pie with Cream --- Belinda Jones
Ophelia Cock --- Jarrod Kinsella

Director / Writer --- Anthony Brown & Nathan Large
Sound Design / Set Design / Choreography --- Nathan Large
Lighting Design / Operation --- Zachary Edmunds
Projection Operation --- Jessica Hanlon
Sound Operation / Front of House --- Robert Fritz
Costume Design ---Louise Kedwell
Front of House / Assistant --- Gemma Knight
Flyer / Banner Design --- Kirstie Boerst
Photography --- Hayley Ramsay
Filming / Film Editing --- Kirstie Boerst


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