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Performance dates:
11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st January
10.30am and 2.30pm
To book, go to:


Adapted by Anthony Brown


Directed by Anthony Brown and Nathan Large

Your favourite golden girl has grown up a bit since we last saw her with the three bears, come along and see what new mischief our dear Goldilocks has gotten herself into this time! Journey into fairy tale land! Filled with all kinds of fantastic creatures like witches, wolves and weasels! What trouble has this little blonde bombshell gotten herself into this time!?

Goldilocks --- Maiah Duffy Brown
Narrator --- Sarah Fittock
Rasher Bacon --- Justin Boerst
Sausage Bacon --- Lucas Squassoni
Ham Bacon --- Zachary Edmunds
Wicked Witch Hilda --- Simon Walker
Wicked Witch Bette --- Alexander Brown
Wolf Bert --- Andre Miles
Weasel Peter --- Kirsten Graham
Kim Hips Scream --- Jessica Miles
Suzanne Scream --- Amber Frost & Lily Mikulandra
Tracy Scream --- Tyler Ramsay
Kevin --- Sam Cory
Tayla Lea Piper
Madeline Boerst
Lily Mikulandra
Emily Dellow
Matilda Findley

Director / Writer / Sound Design / Props / Publicity --- Anthony Brown
Director / Musical Director / Set Design / Choreography --- Nathan Large
Stage Manager --- Hayley Ramsay
Sound Operator --- Dean Nash
Lighting Design / Operation --- Laura Ball
Costume Design --- Milunka Holland
Make Up Design --- Heidi Vanderlem
Flyer / Program / Banner Design / Photography --- Matthew Squire
Filming / Film Editing --- Margareta Moir


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