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Performance Dates:
11th & 18th March 2023
at 2pm & 7pm

John Lees Centre
15 Evan Street, Penrith

To book your ticket, please go to:

Adapted from the Charles Dickens’ classic 
By David Coons & Karen Coons
Directed by Linda Holland
Costume Design by Leone Sharp

Charles Dickens’ literary classic adapted into a musical! 
The orphaned Pip is being raised by Mrs. Joe, his bitter sister.
Besides having to endure the burdened Mrs. Joe’s anger, Pip also has a frightful run-in with an escaped convict, whom he eventually helps. Fortunately,
Pip has two supportive friends: Biddy, a kind, encouraging girl, and
his sister’s husband. 
Mrs. Joe sends Pip to begin visits with the wealthy, yet bitter, Miss Havisham.
Miss Havisham introduces Pip to the beautiful and cruel Estella, who tries to hurt Pip but he still falls in love with her. His time spent at Miss Havisham’s leads Pip
to question his happiness and place in life.
Six years later, Pip’s life takes twist when he receives money, presumably from Miss Havisham, to go to London and become a gentleman.
Adult Pip --- Todd Terheegde
Young Pip --- Cooper Falzon
Adult Herbert/Soldier --- Dylan Hill
Young Herbert --- Harrison Goddard
Adult Estella --- Hayley Ramsay
Young Estella --- Kaylie Camilleri
Adult Biddy --- Kirrily Annalise
Young Biddy --- Ellen Wells
Joe Gargery --- Anthony Brown
Mrs Joe --- Louise Gal
Miss Havisham --- Linda Peach
Able Magwitch --- Glenn Levett
Arthur Compeyson --- Graeme Waddell
Mr Jaggers --- Bryce Medlen
Molly --- Lorie Tabone
Mrs Martins --- Jess Hanlon
Sargeant --- Joe Tabone
Soldier --- Kaushik Anagarkar
Soldier --- Troy Sargant

Director/Music Director/Sound Designer --- Linda Holland
Costume Design & Coordinator --- Leone Sharp
Set Design --- James Betts
Hair & makeup --- Willow Szczygiel
Lighting Design/Operator & Sound Operator --- Kaze Productions
Stage Manager --- Emerie Gal
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