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Performance dates:
Saturday, September 14th and 21st at 7pm 
Saturday, September 28th at 2pm and 7pm
John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
To book your ticket, please go to:
Written by Emlyn Williams
Directed by Anthony Brown
Olivia isn't as taken in by the charming Dan as her aunt is; she feels that he is putting on a facade and lying to hide something sinister. Her suspicions grow when, a few days later, it is reported that a local beauty has gone missing. Believing Dan to be involved, she, the servants, and her pompous admirer, Hubert, go through Dan's things when he is not around, finding a picture of him and the missing woman buried among his belongings. This shocking discovery strengthens Olivia's suspicions and determination to prove that Dan is not what he seems.

MRS BRAMSON --- Trish Currie
DAN --- Joshua Paterson
OLIVIA GRAYNE --- Ashleigh Kohler
MRS TERENCE --- Christine Snell
DORA --- Imogen Shipstone-Evans 
BELSIZE --- Adrian Thompson
NURSE LIBBY --- Sarah Demenezes
Director, Sound Design, Photography --- Anthony Brown
Publicity, Set Design --- Anthony Brown    
Stage Managers --- Rhiannon and Sarah Demenezes
Costume Design/ Coordination --- Milunka Holland
Lighting Design, Sound & Lighting Operation --- Rhys Ward
Make Up & Hair Design --- Jessica Thorpe
Accent Vocal Coach --- Christine Snell
Projection Designer/Operator --- Jessica Hanlon
Flyer & Program Design --- Jessica Hanlon
Props --- Zak Obaid
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