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Performance Dates:
7th & 14th September 2024 at 7pm
21st September 2024 at 2pm & 7pm

John Lees Centre
15 Evan Street, Penrith

To book your ticket, please go to:

Adapted by Tim Kelly
Directed by Linda Holland


With King Richard away at war, the people of England suffer at the hands of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Lady Merle - cousin to the throne-stealing Prince John. Their cries for help are heard loudest in Sherwood Estate, a down-trodden town, where the poor have been driven to by the money-grabbing Prince John and his cohort.
One man alone hears the people's plea – ROBIN HOOD. Set in today’s time, Robin Hood is filled with music, colourful characters and costumes - it's a fun, family-friendly show!!

Robin Hood --- Andrew Thorpe
Lady Merle --- Cindy Partridge
Sheriff of Nottingham --- Rhys Mannering
Marian --- Willow Szczygiel
Sheriff’s Wife --- Nicole Smith
Pastor Tuck --- Bryce Medlen
Annabel --- Hayley Ramsay
Salome --- Ellie Gal
Mother Meg --- Corina Thompson
Beth --- Aaliyah Edwards
Little John --- Blake Reeves
Will Scarlet --- Kayne Kohler
Stranger/King Richard --- Glenn Levett
Widow --- Chloe Arthur
Bodyguard 1 --- Ellen Wells
Bodyguard 2 / Kale --- Eilidh Quinn

Ensemble: Lorie Tabone, Joe Tabone, Sebastian Sheaves, Dominic Sheaves, Oskar Partridge, William Partridge, Natasha Jones, Lily Mannering, Elyra Mannering


Director / Music Director --- Linda Holland

Sound Designer / Costume Design --- Linda Holland
Assistant Director --- Louise Gal
Set Design / Stage Manager --- Glenn Levett
Choreographer --- Jessica Thorpe
Sound Operator --- Emily Victory
Lighting Designer / Operator --- TBA

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