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Performance dates:
Saturday, April 6th, 13th and 27th
at 11am and 2pm
John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
To book your ticket, please go to:
Written by Sian Nixon
Directed by Craig O'Regan
After many disappointments the Queen deems in necessary to bump Snow White off as the competition is too much regarding her title as the most Beautiful Woman in the World!
Sadly, her attempts fail as Snow White finds refuge with Seven Vertically Challenged Miners. 
As a peace offering, the Queen gives Snow White some delicious fresh apples. Sadly, by some unforeseen accident one of the Apples contains the poison “Wickedness Killous Quickus!“
This causes mayhem amongst all the Kingdom and the Queen has her hands full trying to deal with all the different characters in the play.
Please join us and bring the whole family along to this very special Pantomime.

Wicked Queen --- Glenn Levitt
Snow White --- Ashleigh Kohler
Miss Heard --- Hayley Ramsay
Prince Charming --- Elroy Breccia
Yin --- Chris Ireland
Yang --- Charlie Mangley               
Gremlin Woodsman --- Lachlan Aitkins
Nut Bush --- Adrian Thompson 
Brown Owl --- Keira Hynes
King --- Doug  Baker
Geepee --- Dylan  Collerson
Snappy --- Mya Pockran
Gleeful --- Paige Hanna
Tishoo --- Kayla Aitkins
Snoozer --- Elroy Breccia
Socoy --- Anica Savic
Derwat --- Young Kayne
Mirror --- Doug  Baker
Prince Suavo --- Dylan Collerson
Prince Olgit --- Doug Baker
Hansel --- Paige Hanna
Gretel --- Doug Baker
Three Wise Men (Doug + Mya + Anica)
Barman / Donald Trump
Towns people, Animals, Trees
 --- Tegan & Chanelle Farrugia
 --- Archer & Elliot Montgomery / Hanna
Director / Sound Design / Set Design / Costume --- Craig O'Regan 
Stage Manager --- Jessica Hanlon 
Lighting Design --- Jessica Hanlon
Lighting Operation --- Kieran Hudson
Hair & Make Up --- Ashleigh Kohler, Paige Hanna & Kiera Hynes
Photography --- Craig O'Regan 
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