Performance dates:
Saturday, 6th, 20th March at 7pm
Saturday, 13th March at 2pm & 7pm
John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
To book your ticket, please go to:
Written & directed by Glenn Levett
Take Dracula (henceforth known as Alucard), who wants to be mortal and add a backwards servant and his maids-in-service; a mad scientist, a robotic creation, and two crazy assistants: four spies; inquisitive kids; and a loving ghost and we have a wonderfully crazy musical romp in “The Mansion”.
Alucard (M) --- Aiden McKenzie
Kerry (F) --- Emili Milosevska
James (M) --- Narvid Jacqubi
Stephanie --- Yarelli Montarde
Benny --- Riley Jones
Sandy --- Tori Chritiansen
Jordi --- Troy Sargant
Garth --- Felix Coghlan
Rogi --- Tahlia Ransley
Margot --- Heidi Vanderlem
Maria --- Sam Crowe
Dr de Borg --- Corinna Thompson
Ms Faytarl --- Jack Kennedy
Vam --- Jess Thorpe
Pira --- Olivia Kostic
Hari --- Ashish Khanal
Natasha --- Kate Crowe
Ivanna --- Ania Nawrocka
Man-servant --- Adrian Thompson
Ms Johnson --- Amy Jones
Dan --- Douglas Baker
Shopping Lady / Police Captain --- Chloe McDonald
Mrs Philips --- Linda Holland
Station Master --- Corina Thompson
Police --- Rhi Demenezes
Ghost --- Linda Holland
Old Man --- Glenn Levett
Director --- Glenn Levett
Musical Director / Assistant Director --- Linda Holland
Set design --- Glenn Levett / Alyce Levett
Choreographer --- Glenn Levett
Stage Manager --- Rhi Demenezes
Lighting --- Jess Hanlon
Soundscape    --- Anthony Brown
Hair / Make-up --- Emili Milosevska, Jessica Thorpe, Heidi Vanderlem
Program --- Jess Hanlon
Costume --- Milunka Holland
Props --- Glenn Levett
Producer --- Anthony Brown
Publicity --- Anthony Brown 
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