Performance dates:
Saturday, 11th & 18th January
at 2pm & 7pm 
John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith
To book your ticket, please go to:
Written & directed by Glenn Levett
Wilma has terrorised the townsfolk and Mother Goose’s characters. She has also cast a spell over her sister, Esmeralda. She controls the skeletons, who do her bidding, outside the cave, in which Wilma is trapped because Prince Valiant, from the Land of Good, has taken her cloak.
Esmeralda has no control over her own actions. Fairweather, the Fairy Godmother, helps Synderola to the ball and Prince Valiant falls in love (of course). The nursery rhyme characters are in turmoil. The thieves are captured by Wilma.
How will this all be resolved?

Skeleton, Soldier --- Chanelle Farrugia
Skeleton, Soldier --- Tahlia Ransley
Skeleton, Henchman, Thief --- Nicola Gerardis
Little Jack Horner, News Girl, Reporter, Jasmine --- Brooke Slater
Jack, Town Crier, Soldier --- Troy Sargant
Jill, Henchman, Town Crier, Violinist --- Gai-Cheng Leung
Little Bo Peep --- Leah Guggemos
Simon --- Cooper Austin
Jack Be Nimble, Henchman, Town Crier, Soldier --- Bianca McLellan
Prince Valiant --- Leo Shaw
Esmeralda --- Heidi Vanderlem
Bob Laws --- Craig O’Regan
John Rogers --- Doug Baker
Henchman, Thief --- Anica Hernandez
Wilma --- Corina Thompson
Widow Mank --- Emili Milosevska
Synderola --- Sarah Fittock
Bank Manager, Soldier --- Riley Jones
The Duke --- Glenn Simkus
Mother Goose/Fairweather --- Vanessa Maree
Director / Set Designer --- Glenn Levett
Music Director --- Linda Holland
Stage Manager --- Jess Hanlon
Milunka Holland --- Costume Designer
Sound Designer --- Anthony Brown
Sound Operator --- Kiera Hynes
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